Our Approach

Summer Camp Fall Academic Preparation

This summer our campers will receive individual instructional support through our staff of Georgia certified teachers and college interns. We will utilize the first three weeks of camp to work towards performance improvement in the academic area your camper needs the most additional support. The second half of our summer camp academic support will focus on the grade level standards campers will learn in the fall of this year. Our goal is to prepare students to excel in the coming academic year by receiving targeted summer academic preparation.

Summer Chinese Language Immersion

Research demonstrates that bilingual children have stronger pre-frontal cortex abilities which means a strong working memory. Working memory is a key component to foundational academic success for elementary age students. Working memory is utilized across all content areas. In reading, working memory allows a child to hold onto and retain the sound an individual letter makes, long enough to develop and articulate a new word. Working memory is a component of the brain’s executive functions. In addition to working memory the brain’s executive function’s include a greater ability to focus, distraction resistance, response to feedback and prioritizing and monitoring. Hence, research indicates that bilingual children outperform monolingual children in the performance of tasks requiring the use of executive functions mainly access to working memory.

Summer STEM Studio

The implementation of a STEAM approach to mathematics, science and the arts will give scholars a well-rounded opportunity to develop strong mathematics and science skills, necessary to compete in a global society.