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Pandas, Dragons, and Tigers, Oh My!

              The first week of Qiángdà Academy’s Academic Enrichment and Language Immersion Summer Camp was a success! To kick off our week, the Pandas (rising 1st and 2nd graders), Dragons (rising 3rd and 4th graders), and Tigers (rising 5th and 6th graders) attended super fun music classes, taught by Ms. Bianca Griffin, the Academy’s Music Instructor.  During music class, campers learned the camp chant about resilience and Blog.Pic.1scholarship, “Move Along” by the All American Rejects, and the Chinese edition of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star! Throughout the week, campers used their enthusiasm to master the camp chant, and at the end of the week, they competed in a camp-wide chant-off to pump up camp spirit! “We are…we are… Qiang-da strong!”

Our campers also enjoyed interactive Chinese (Mandarin) language classes, led by Du Laoshi杜老师. For our first week, all campers, Pandas, Tigers and Dragons were introduced to common Chinese phrases and greetings such as “Ni Hao” “你好” (Hello!), “Ni Hao Ma?” “你好吗?”(How are you?), and “Wo shi xuesheng” “我是学生。”(I am a student).  Throughout Chinese class, students engaged in a variety of game-based vocabulary activities, role-play, and arts and crafts that challenge the students to use the language as much as possible. At the end of the week, Tigers and Dragons made Chinese comic books strips using week 1 vocabulary, while the Pandas made super cute Panda masks!Blog.Picture.2


To end a fantastic week 1, Strong Academy took a field trip to the Taiwanese Cultural Center located in Chamblee, Georgia. At the Academy, we strive to expose students to authentic Chinese language and culture, and visiting the Taiwanese Cultural Center was such a great experience for campers. At the Center, campers saw a traditional Chinese puppet play, practiced calligraphy, played ancient Chinese instruments, learned the lion Blog.Picture.3dance, tried on traditional Chinese clothing, and won tons of prizes. Parents who attended the field trip loved being able to learn alongside their campers and experience authentic Chinese culture firsthand. The staff at the Cultural Center even commented how impressed they were with hearing our campers speak Mandarin. A special thank you goes out to the teachers at the Taiwanese Cultural Center who made our time so fun and memorable.